Our small family farm is located in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. We lovingly raise registered miniature goats (Pygmies and Nigerian Dwarfs) as well as registered miniature sheep (Olde English Babydoll Southdown and Harlequin). All are gentle, playful and make perfect pets.

Color is a big difference between the two breeds of goats. With Nigerian Dwarfs, you’re never sure what color the babies (“kids”) will be. Black, white, red and gold are all possible as are spots and stripes. Eye color can be blue or brown. Nigerian Dwarfs are very gentle, playful and wonderful with kids and other pets. Member AGS.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a registered breed of miniature dairy goats. Originally from West Africa, these little goats stand 17-19” at the shoulders for does; 18-20” for bucks. Nigerian Dwarfs, true to their dairy character, have longer bodies and are a bit taller than pygmies. They produce  extraordinary amounts of milk which is very nutritious and high in butterfat (6-10%) making it the richest, sweetest milk of all the dairy goat breeds – perfect for cheese.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats